I’m a photographer and digital artist living in Copenhagen Denmark.
Whether it’s about graphic work, illustrations, CGI or photography my biggest passion has always been about ‘creating’.
The first time I saw the light in photography was about 14 years ago, when I bought my first DSLR camera.
Since then, the process and the search for the perfect image has been my biggest motivation and driving force.
I often find the best creativity in teamwork and love creative collaborations.
Feel free to contact me for any enquiries.
Mail: info@brastgaard.dk
Tel. +45 23 45 78 50

SDF National Contest – Silver Medal 2013
SDF National Contest – Best Essay 2013
Negativ Photo Contest Winner 2013
Negativ Photo Contest Judge and Presenter
Practical Photography Magazine (UK) May 2014
Large photo Poster for The Danish National Stadium PARKEN 2014
Copenhagen Air Taxi
Fail Copenhagen Fashion 2016
Press photos for Skarnet 2017
Corporate headshots for BrandFactory 2017

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